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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nellie Edge Special Edition

Nellie Edge Special Edition

Ideas For Halloween

Teaching Tip: Lesson Plan Ideas For Halloween

Thinking of Lessons for Halloween? Here are a number of Halloween activities you might want to include in your lessons.

1. A Broom's Story - The student will be able to explain point of view and write a story from a witch's broom's point of view.
2. Candy Collage - The student will be able to create a collage from drawings of his favorite Halloween candy.
3. Candy Graphs - The student will be able to make a bar graph showing how many people like four different types of Halloween candy.
4. Creating a Potion - The student will be able to create a unique potion, explain what it does, and give step by step directions for how to make it.
5. Halloween Safety - In this lesson, students help others stay safe at Halloween by creating a poster of safety rules.
6. Halloween Then and Now - Students investigate what Halloween was like in the early to mid 1900's and compare it to what it is like now.
7. Neighborhood Map - The student will be able to draw a make believe map of a neighborhood.
8. The Average Temperature on Halloween Night - In this lesson students will look at the temperatures on October 31st over the past ten years, graph them, and find the average.

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