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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Election Projects, Books and Activities

Election Project and Activities

The My Voice National Student Mock Election is a historic and ever-evolving project that brings school communities – students, teachers, and parents – closer to the 2012 Election. While millions of students take part each election, the real key is you and the project you organize in your school, classroom or in the community. The resources here, including communications assets, digital activities, interactive polls, lesson plans and other tools, are designed to help you create a broad-reaching My Election campaign project at your school.  See the following links for more resources. 

Source: National Student Mock Election-Oct. 25-Nov. 1 Curriculum Toolkit Project-All Levels
OLE Freebie: Election 2012 Activity Pack | OLE Election Series
Free classroom activities, lesson plans, videos and more for teaching the election from Pearson  

More Election Resources-Activities-Ideas-Lessons-Crafts-Teacher Resources-History 

Halloween Recipes

Halloween Recipes

Halloween Teaching Activities-Ideas-Lessons-Crafts-Books-Theme Units

Friday, October 19, 2012

Chocolate Day-October 28th Lessons-Activities-Units

Holiday Name: National Chocolate Day
Celebration: October 28

There are a couple of chocolate days celebrated within the year. Chocolate Day, National Chocolate Day and International Chocolate Day.  This day is a good day to eat everything chocolate like cakes, ice cream, cookies, pies, and candies so go ahead and indulge yourself with chocolate!

Chocolate Lessons:

Give each child a packet of M&Ms and let them sort and graph by color.
They have to make a prediction of how many candies they think are in the bag and then they open and count. Then, read the M&M Counting Book and use their candies as I read the book to them.

Let them do a taste test of milk, dark and white chocolate and let the class vote or tally which they like best and graph the results.

You could make chocolate pudding using instant pudding and milk. This would be a measurement lesson or activity.

Take chocolate sauce and let them paint with it like finger paint and lick their fingers clean.

Hershey's Kiss hunt game for the class to play.

If you can, watch Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for some fun!

Chocolate Resources-Lessons-Activities-Math-Science-Books-Theme Unit-Ideas: 

Thomas Edison Demonstrated Electric Light-Oct. 19

Thomas Edison Lesson Plan, Electricity, Electronics Invention, History Facts, Science Teaching Activity