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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week May 2-6

May 2-6:  Teacher
Appreciation Week
  Thank a Teacher
One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers...with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.  
~Carl Jung
Ideas for Students:
  • Write a poem.  
  • Write the name and a special quality on a balloon and display the balloons.  
  • Write a card or note explaining why they like or appreciate him or her so much.
  • Write an acrostic using their first name and listing the best qualities. 
  • Present them with a certificate of appreciation stating his or her best qualities. 
  • Make a corsage or boutonnière with a special message on it.
  • Make up and sing a theme song for Appreciation Week or record a video of kind words.  
  • Treat him or her to a cup of coffee and a muffin. 
Source- E-mail Newsletter April 29th:
Pine Tree ISD
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Pine Tree ISD
Vickie Echols

May Events and Celebrations

May Lesson Plan Ideas for You
Here is a quick look at the events and celebrations recognized in May.

1. May is Get Caught Reading Month - Lessons, Worksheets, Guide

2. May is Volcanoes Month - Lessons, Worksheets

3. The first week of May is Pet Week - Lessons, Worksheets

4. The first week of May is Drinking Water Week - Lessons, Worksheets

5. The first week of May is National Teacher Week - Lessons, Worksheets

6. May 5th - Cinco De Mayo - Lessons, Worksheets

7. May 8th - Mother's Day - Lessons, Worksheets

8. The third week of May is Graphing Week - Lessons, Worksheets

9. May 16th - Weights and Measures Day - Lessons, Worksheets

10. May 20th - Biographer's Day - Lessons, Worksheets, Guide

11. May 28th - Last Day of School In 4 States - Lessons, Worksheets

12. May 31st - Memorial Day - Lessons, Worksheets

Inspiring Teacher Quote
 "The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains.
The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires."
William Arthur Ward

Source for all these resources and events:
Weekly Tips for Teachers
Issue 564: May 2, 2011
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May Day Activities and Ideas

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ideas and Tips for Teachers


Ideas and tips by teachers, for teachers

Feeling Fit Mileage Club

From Julie Dean, an ESE teacher K-5 at Citrus Elementary School in Indian River Co., Florida:
“At our school, the PE teacher has developed a walking/running club for gr.2-5 in the mornings. She outlined a 1/5 of a mile course in our field. The students arrive, eat breakfast & are called out to the walking track. Second and 3rd graders go on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4th-5th graders go on Mon, Wed and Fridays. The students have cards that are hole-punched for each lap they complete. When the entire card is punched (20 laps), the student earn a plastic foot, which can get tied onto shoelaces or put onto a chain.

“This reward has motivated a lot of students towards fitness. Several teachers help out with the punching of cards, and parents are joining their children to walk in the morning. The students are also able to complete laps during recess times. We are lucky enough to be in southeastern Florida and will be able to implement the program year round! The kids are having a blast and getting exercise at the same time!”

Traffic Light Classroom Setup

From Dawn Guerra, a high school teacher:
“A classroom setup that works for me is what I call the Aisled Traffic Light. I setup students’ desks in two sections, right and left. Each side of the room is arranged with rows of desks, angled toward the front of the class. There are only three or four desks per row. I leave a wide space between each side of the classroom. With this aisle, all students are theoretically at the front of the room! With rows of just three or four deep, no child is at the back – the red light as opposed to the green light.

“This set-up works for those students who feel compelled to sit at the back of the room! Even though they're at the ‘back’, it still feels like the front. I teach from all aspects of that aisle (pacing) and often stand at the back of the room while discussing the lessons. With a set-up such as this, video & whiteboard work is easier because every child has a clear, unobstructed view.”

Outdoor Science Projects

From The Worker Bees:
“It’s fun to get outside and learn when the weather is warm and the birds are chirping. What science projects do you do outdoors with your students? Do you have a fun bubble blowing experiment? Do you explore school yard aerodynamics? What creative outdoor science activities can you share with your colleagues?” Place to Start at NEA Academy Works4Me E-Newsletter-Source-4-26-2011
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

May Events, Holidays, and Celebrations

May for Teachers

"May Lesson and Worksheet Series
May Teacher Resource Guide
May Lesson Plans
May Worksheets
May is Get Caught Reading Month
May 3rd is National Teacher Day
May 5th is Cinco De Mayo
May 8th is Mother's Day
May 31st is Memorial Day
Last Day of School In 4 States

See All Events, Holidays, and Celebrations of May
May is Get Caught Reading Month
May is Allergy Awareness Month
May is Revise Your Work Schedule Month
May is Volcanoes Month
May 1st is Be Kind to Animals Week
May 2nd - Space Day and Drinking Water Week
May 4th - National Teacher Day
May 5th - Cinco De Mayo
May 9th - Mother's Day
May 15th - Graphing Week
May 16th - Weights and Measures Day
May 20th - Biographer's Day
May 26th - National Spelling Bee
May 28th - Last Day of School In 4 States
May 31st - Memorial Day"

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poetry Month Resources and Ideas

Poetry Month Resources and Ideas

This collection of reviewed resources from TeachersFirst is selected by our editors from the hundreds of reviewed poetry resources and creative tools listed on TeachersFirst. Now April can be Poetry Month in any classroom. Even if you teach science or math, there is a place for poetry in your curriculum. Poetry is as brief and economical as a number sentence, but with feelings or messages between the words. Why not throw some poetry lines amid your chemical or algebraic equations to connect with verbal/linguistic learners and spark a new way of seeing any subject? Take time to plan a “poetry break” using these ideas from the TeachersFirst Editors.

Here are some poetic possibilities to get your students' creative juices flowing:
  • Have students compose a limerick explaining a science term or historic figure.
  • Have students collect a list of words from your current unit. Then offer extra credit for a poetic interpretation to be shared as a daily "poetry break" during April.
  • Use one of the tools featured here to share poetic visions of biology, geometry, and more during April.
  • Cover a classroom wall with white paper for "curriculum poetry" during April: encourage students to share poetry graffiti (classroom appropriate, of course).
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More Resources:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Lesson Ideas for Earth Day and Easter

Lesson Ideas for Earth Day and Easter
April is a busy month for teachers everywhere. This is the time when we start planning for our end of the year student evaluations. Since you are so busy, we thought this is good time for us to give some fresh lesson ideas for the month of April.

1. Beach Erosion - This lesson calls attention to the smallest changes that can take place over time.

2. Planet For Sale! - You and your partner are realtors who are promoting a planet in our solar system.

3. Hubble Telescope - This activity draws your students into that debate and asks them to choose a side and defend it.

4. Candy Lights - This is a quick and easy experiment that can be used to introduce a unit on chemical bonds or light.

5. A New Flavor of Jellybean - Students create their own flavor of jelly bean in this activity.

6. Duck Feet Addition - Students practice their addition skills in this activity.

7. Jelly Bean Math - In this lesson, students use a bag of jellybeans to solve math problems.

8. Comparing Eggs - A great compare and contrast activity.
Weekly Tips for Teachers  Issue 561: April 11, 2011
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More Resources for April: