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Thursday, September 4, 2008


National Grandparent's Day is a day to honor your Grandparents and seniors because they are the key to your family history and their love and strength can guide you and strengthen the relationships between the generations. Grandparents Day is celebrated each year on the first Sunday after Labor Day. The specific date changes each year. National Grandparents Day was created in 1978 by a federal proclamation, passed by Congress and signed by President Jimmy Carter. National Grandparents Day was first celebrated on Sunday, September 9, 1979. The official song of National Grandparents Day is "A Song For Grandma And Grandpa" by Johnny Prill. The official flower is the forget-me-not. Marian McQuade of Oak Hill, W.V. is credited with lobbying for a national observance of Grandparents Day. Michael Goldgar of Atlanta, Georgia is given credit, also. The statute cites the day's purpose as: "... to honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity to show love for their children's children, and to help children become aware of strength, information, and guidance older people can offer."


For more info and resources, you can go to Mrs. Jackson's Class-National Grandparents Day.

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