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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Election News, Events, Issues, Projects, and Resources

There are many excellent election resources on the web to help your students understand and become involved in the electoral process whether it is a presidential year or an off-year election cycle. An election unit is a fabulous way to integrate all subjects and to use more math, government, and current events. You can use your lessons to discuss current events in politics. Have students discuss, debate, and write about the current issues and events. Browse through the election topics, lesson plans, links, activities, and other resources to keep your students informed of election news. With older students, create a class wiki to discuss presidential views and issues. You can have students conduct a school election and compare results using higher level thinking skills Use some of these websites to enlighten your students about the election process. Project some of these activities on an interactive whiteboard or projector and use them to review constitutional rights, civil rights, history of our founding fathers, and more. Incorporate current events into your lesson plans or use feature stories for comprehension practice on your interactive whiteboard or projector. Use these resources when teaching about how writing for a newspaper differs from essay or report writing.
You can find some great election resources at these sites so check them out at : .

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