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Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Fun Activities for Kids

About Summer About Summer
Learn about summer - the season. When does it start? When does it end? What makes summer?
Fun Summer color pages Summer Coloring Pages
Use our interactive crayon to color these fun pictures associated with summer: a day at the beach, golfing, baseball, a beach trip, butterfly, canoeing, dirty kids, frog, hiking, BBQ hotdog and hamburg, lemonade stand, mermaid, camping games, seashore, shark, sunshine, ocean swimmer and a water balloon fight.
Summer crafts Summer Craft Ideas
Tons of fun craft ideas for summer! Make a fish photo frame, a watermelon photo frame, a seashell frame, summer fun photo magnets, or tissue fish!
Summer craft books for kids Summer Craft Books
Want more ideas for Summer Crafts? Check out our craft book reviews.
Summer books for kids Thematic Reading List - Kids Books
Summer book descriptions and reviews for preschool and elementary reading. Titles include: Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping, It's Summer!, Last Day, Hooray, Sam and the Firefly, The Summer Solstice, When It's the Last Day Of School, and various summer workbooks to keep the kids busy during vacation!
Short stories about Summer Summer Short Stories
Great stories to share with children to celebrate summertime. Some stories include: Celebrating Grandmother's Birthday, How Brother Rabbit Fooled the Whale and the Elephant, Little Jack Rollaround, Mary's Story, Sheep Shearing, The Blackberry Bush, The Castle of Fortune, The Brahmin, the Tiger, and the Jackal, The Cloud, The Frog King, The Gulls of Salt Lakes, The Sun and the Wind and Willie and Bounce.
Summer Poems and Rhymes Summer Poetry - Poems, Rhymes and Recitals
Children's favorite poems and rhymes include: At the Seaside, Bed in Summer, Birds in Summer, Daisies, Daybreak, Fireflies, Four Leaf Clovers, In July, June, Midsummer Joys, My Kingdom, On Midsummer Night, Rain in Summer, Summer is Coming, Summer Sun, The Brook Song, The Flowers, The Gardener, The Unseen Playmate, The Violet and the Bee and Where Go the Boats?
Fun Symbols of Summer Memory Match Game Symbols of Summer Memory Match Game
This concentration game has you match up symbols of summer pictures. A summer surprise is revealed when you match all the pairs!
Summer Printables - Word Jumbles Word Jumble Printables
Can you unscramble the letters of these vocabulary words having to do with summer fun, the beach or baseball? Worksheets are interactive - can be typed in online or printed and finished by hand.
Summer Printables Printable Word Search Puzzles
Can you find these summer vocabulary words in the puzzles? These printables are perfect for beginner readers.
Summer Printables Counting, Numerals and Number Words Flash Cards
Printable preschool - grade 1 flashcards with symbols of summer. Cards teach number recognition, number words and counting skills.
Addition Flashcards - Mini Printable Mini-Flashcards for Addition.
Great math practice for summer vacation. Answers print on separate cards. Blank cards can be used for extra challenge facts.
Summer Printables Printable Mini-Flashcards for Multiplication
Get a jump on next year's homework - memorize your multiplication tables now! Answers print on separate cards. Blank cards can be used for extra challenge facts.

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