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Friday, August 14, 2009

Teacher Worksheets--New School Year

Teacher Worksheets For The New School Year

School Is Getting Close...Teachers: Are We Ready?
We're getting closer to the fall rush once again. Our friends in the South start school late next week. You should probably start to look through your curriculum now. I like to chart out my first four weeks...if I'm really on top of things.

Teacher Worksheets For The New School Year
An absolute explosion of worksheets are on the way! Our teachers have been busy this summer. You will see an additional 1,500 worksheets added over the next few days. We really focused on our unbelievable Writing Worksheet area and our acclaimed Reading Comprehension Worksheet Area.
Outstanding Writing Worksheets
Reading Comprehension Worksheets
Teachers & Parents - Check out our Ready for School Page

Printable Worksheets to Make Your Week Easier
Algebra Math Worksheets
Labels for Your Classroom
Summer Reading Book Report Worksheets
Writing about Summer Worksheets

Teaching Tip Article of the Week
Teacher's Guide to Getting Ready for the First Day of School

Remember you matter, educators make the world go around!
Cynthia Hughes & Carol Bailus (Newsletter Editors)

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Week of August 11, 2009

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