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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Is Daylight Savings?

What Is Daylight Savings?
When the timings are set one hour forward of LSD (local Standard Time) it is known as daylight savings. Mostly in summers, scientists adopt this method to provide additional daylight in latter part of the day that is in evenings.
Usually, in summer, days are longer and nights are shorter. Therefore, in summer we set our watches one hour ahead. Due to daylight savings, people can finish off their important work during the daylight. This method was first adopted during First World War.
Time zones are helpful when individuals are traveling to other zonal areas. They aid people to follow the daytimes of those particular zones. Without time zones, imagine how confusing the world would be. There will be chaos in the world and nobody will be able to keep track of what is happening in other zones.
Moreover, daylight savings help us to increase our efficiency and to conserve energy. To conclude, this is the concept of daylight savings and time zones, hope you might have found answers to your queries. See the rest of the story at:

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