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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teacher Tips

Ideas and tips by teachers, for teachers
5-10-2010 News

Flashcard Review

From Jessica Harris:

“My students created flashcards for science vocabulary and
content and put 2-3 definitions or statements on each flashcard.
I do a myriad of different activities with reviewing the cards to
keep the students on their toes. Today each student was given
10 snap cubes (for 10 flashcards) and paired with a partner.
When a student determined that the partner mastered a flash-
card, the partner earned a snap cube. The goal was to earn all
10 snap cubes. Later, the students exchanged the snap cubes
for small prizes.

Vocabulary Building Card Games

From Margie Latall, a substitute teacher in West Bend, Wisconsin

I recently discovered a series of books by Scholastic, Vocabulary
Building Card Games
! There are different grade levels, and the game
cards are reproducible, making it easy for teachers to use immediately.
The book I have from the library is for Grade 3, written by Liane B.
Onish, and it is a 2008 copyright. My local library also had Grade 2
and 5 available. Check it out!”

National Education Association

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