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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Watermelon Theme Lessons Activities Resources

Yum! Watermelon!

Summer’s never over when watermelon is around. Have you ever had a watermelon cake or popsicle? Nothing says summer like watermelon! The National Watermelon Promotion Board offers you many resources to teach students about watermelon and use watermelon information to teach across the curriculum. Watermelon is one of your students’ favorite fruits, and you can use these materials to make learning a little more fun. It’s a way to give your next year’s class one more “unit” of summer when they arrive in your room.

The lessons work from Kindergarten to Middle School levels. You can download the materials or request a CD-ROM of them from the site. or

An E-newsletter from the Texas State Teachers Association May 2010

More Resources: Watermelons

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