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Saturday, October 30, 2010

November Events-Themes-Lesson Plans

Lesson Plan Ideas For November
Thinking of Lessons for November?  November events / themes you will want to include in your classroom.

1. November 1st is National Author's Day.
2. November 1st is
National Family Literacy Day.
3. November 2nd is
Election Day.
4. November 10th is
Young Reader's Day.
5. November 11th is
Veteran's Day.
6. November 11th is
Kurt Vonnegut's birthday.
7. November 14th through 20th is
American Education Week.
8. On November 24th
Darwin published 'The Origin of Species'.
9. November 25th is
Thanksgiving Day.
10. November 26th is
Black Friday.
11. November 29th is
Cyber Monday and Louisa May Alcott's birthday.
12. November 30th is
Mark Twain's birthday.
November Events and Celebrations For Teachers

November is
National American Indian Heritage Month, Scientist Appreciation Month, American Diabetes Month, National Novel Writing Month

Weekly Tips for Teachers Issue 538: November 1, 2010

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November Theme-Lessons-Activities: 

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