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Sunday, January 30, 2011

February Lesson Plan Ideas

February Lesson Plan Ideas
Looking for some great ideas to include the theme of February in your lessons? We have a bunch.

1. February is African American History Month. Here are some lesson ideas.

2. February 4th is Rosa Park's birthday.

3. February 11th is National Inventors' Day. Perfect time for a science fair.

4. National Weatherman's Day. Why not have students predict and track the weather? Then compare to the actual results. This can be a writing or a scientific method activity.

5. Valentine's Day - We have 60 lesson ideas for you on that one.

6. Presidents' Day - We have a ton of ideas in our Presidents' Day guide.

7. Feb. is Love Your Pets Month - Have students write a thank you letter to their pets. More ideas can be found here.

8. Superbowl Sunday - include a football themed game to review your content. Each correct answer is worth 10 yards. An incorrect answer is a turn over. Make 10 slots on your board and break the class into 2 teams.
Source:  Weekly Tips for Teachers
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