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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Lesson Plans

"Fun Spring Lesson Plans
Here are a number of lesson plan ideas for you to incorporate the season into your class.

A Pond in Spring - Take a walk to the nearest pond for a fun lesson.

Emergency Preparedness - Spring is typically the time when severe weather is a concern.

Following the Sun - Students observe two plants. One is kept in direct sunlight and the other out of sunlight.

Planting Time - Spring is commonly thought of as planting time.

Spring Similes - This activity provides a fun way to practice using similes.

Symmetry in Butterflies - The student will be able to understand the concept of symmetry and create a butterfly that has symmetrical designs on its wings.

Tracking the Weather - Follow the Spring weather patterns.

Making Nests - A messy, but very fun project.

Counting Petals - A fun way to introduce and review addition or subtraction.

Bubbles - Of course! 

Inspiring Teacher Quote
"Those that know, do. Those that understand, teach." Aristotle"

Source:  Weekly Tips for Teachers
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Nicola @ Twisty Noodle said...

I love the "following the Sun" lesson... what a great idea!