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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Poetry Month Resources and Ideas

Poetry Month Resources and Ideas

This collection of reviewed resources from TeachersFirst is selected by our editors from the hundreds of reviewed poetry resources and creative tools listed on TeachersFirst. Now April can be Poetry Month in any classroom. Even if you teach science or math, there is a place for poetry in your curriculum. Poetry is as brief and economical as a number sentence, but with feelings or messages between the words. Why not throw some poetry lines amid your chemical or algebraic equations to connect with verbal/linguistic learners and spark a new way of seeing any subject? Take time to plan a “poetry break” using these ideas from the TeachersFirst Editors.

Here are some poetic possibilities to get your students' creative juices flowing:
  • Have students compose a limerick explaining a science term or historic figure.
  • Have students collect a list of words from your current unit. Then offer extra credit for a poetic interpretation to be shared as a daily "poetry break" during April.
  • Use one of the tools featured here to share poetic visions of biology, geometry, and more during April.
  • Cover a classroom wall with white paper for "curriculum poetry" during April: encourage students to share poetry graffiti (classroom appropriate, of course).
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