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Saturday, July 30, 2011

August Lesson Plan Ideas

August Lesson Plan Ideas For You
Here are some ideas to incorporate August events in your classroom:

1. August Is Back To School For Teachers -
Worksheets, Lessons, Guide

2. National Inventors Month - Worksheets, Guide

3. August 1 - Ramadan Begins - Worksheets, Lesson Plans

4. August 6th- Alexander Fleming's Birthday - Worksheets, Guide

August 7th - American Family Day - Workbook

August 8th - U.S. President Richard M. Nixon Resigns - Worksheets, Lessons

August 18th - Wizard of Oz Premiered in 1939. - Teacher Guide

August 24 - Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 A.D. - Worksheets, Lessons

August 26 - U.S. Women Gain the Right to Vote - Worksheets, Lessons

August 27th - Mother Teresa's Birthday - Worksheets, Lessons

August 28th - Dr. King gives "I Have a Dream" Speech - Worksheets, Lessons

See All August Events and Celebrations

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