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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Classroom Planning Calendar-Nov. & Dec.

TeachersFirst Classroom Planning Calendar

This clickable calendar listing provides reviewed curriculum resources in a snap, connecting your classroom to events and observances in the world outside of school: holidays, anniversaries, seasonal events, and commemorations.

November, 2011
1, Tuesday -30, Wednesday
Native American Heritage Month
TeachersFirst Resources about Native Americans

24, Thursday Thanksgiving
TeachersFirst's Thanksgiving Resources

December, 2011

Thursday 1 -Saturday, December 31
World AIDS Day and HIV/AIDS Awareness Month
TeachersFirst HIV and AIDS Resources

Thursday 1 -Saturday, December 31
Holiday Gift-Giving Season
Special Occasion Ideas for the Classroom

Wednesday 7 Pearl Harbor and World War II
TeachersFirst's Pearl Harbor and World War II Resources

Saturday 17 Wright Brothers' First Flight Anniversary
TeachersFirst's Resources: Man Soars Into Flight

Tuesday 20 -Wednesday 28 Hanukkah
TeachersFirst's Hanukkah Resources

Sunday 25 Christmas
TeachersFirst's Christmas Resources

Monday 26 Kwanzaa
TeachersFirst's Kwanzaa Resources

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