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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Election Projects, Books and Activities

Election Project and Activities

The My Voice National Student Mock Election is a historic and ever-evolving project that brings school communities – students, teachers, and parents – closer to the 2012 Election. While millions of students take part each election, the real key is you and the project you organize in your school, classroom or in the community. The resources here, including communications assets, digital activities, interactive polls, lesson plans and other tools, are designed to help you create a broad-reaching My Election campaign project at your school.  See the following links for more resources. 

Source: National Student Mock Election-Oct. 25-Nov. 1 Curriculum Toolkit Project-All Levels
OLE Freebie: Election 2012 Activity Pack | OLE Election Series
Free classroom activities, lesson plans, videos and more for teaching the election from Pearson  

More Election Resources-Activities-Ideas-Lessons-Crafts-Teacher Resources-History 

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watchonlinemovies said...

I should acknowledge some constructive response from the Vancity Board on a few of the election rules issues raised by me and others. Quotes from this message from Patrice Pratt, Chair of the Vancity Nominations and Election Committee:

Presidential Polls