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Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Lesson Plan Ideas

Teaching Tip: March Lesson Plan Ideas for You

Let's take a quick look at the events and dates that are celebrated and recognized in March. How can we include them in our lessons for the month? You can view a complete guide, lesson plans, and worksheets on the subject.

1. National Women's History Month - Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Guide

2. Read Across America Day is March 2. Have students tell about the best book they have ever read.

3. The invention of the telephone was shared with the world on March 10. Have students explain how their lives would change without telephones of any kind.

4. Daylight Savings Time starts on March 9. Daylight Savings Time actually decreases energy use, have students explain how.

5. Saint Patrick's Day is March 17 - Lessons, Worksheets, Teacher Guide

6. Wildlife Week starts on March 17- Lessons, Worksheets, Teacher Guide

7. National Agriculture Week starts on March 25 - Lesson Plans, Worksheets, Teacher Guide

8. The first day of Spring is March 20 - Lessons, Worksheets, Teacher Guide

9. Earth Hour takes place at 8:30 PM on March 29. Have students organize their own Earth hour.

10. Make Up Your Holiday Day is March 26 - Have students design their own holiday. What should we celebrate or observe?

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