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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Calendar-Events

April Calendar-Events
National Kite Month   April 
National Frog Month   April 
National Garden Month   April 
Distracted Driving Awareness Month   April 
Financial Literacy Month   April 
California Earthquake Preparedness Month   April 
National Humor Month   April 
National Mathematics Education Month   April 
National Poetry Month   April 
Assassination of Abraham Lincoln   Apr 15, 1865 
King George III Reacts to the Boston Tea Party by Closing the Boston Port   Apr 1, 1774 
April Fools’ Day   Apr 1, 2014 
Ponce de León Discovers Florida   Apr 2, 1513 
Hans Christian Andersen’s Birthday   Apr 2, 1805
Frederic Auguste Bartholdi’s Birthday   Apr 2, 1834
 Death of Pope John Paul II   Apr 2, 2005
 Booker T. Washington’s Birthday   Apr 5, 1856 
Metric System Adopted in France   Apr 7, 1795
World Health Day   Apr 7, 2014 
National D.A.R.E. Day   Apr 7, 2014 
Civil War Ended   Apr 9, 1865 
Jumbo the Elephant Arrives in US   Apr 9, 1882 
Safety Pin Patented   Apr 10, 1848 
Spain Cedes Gibraltar to Great Britain   Apr 11, 1713 

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