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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thanksgiving Themes-Lesson Plans-Activities-Events

Lesson Plan Ideas For Thanksgiving
Here are some ideas for the theme of Thanksgiving. 
1. Write Thanksgiving Invitations - Write them as if you were a Pilgrim.

2. Get The Groceries - Have students plan a healthy holiday meal.

3. Why Do We Have That Holiday? - Compare how holidays were accepted.

4. Plan Your New Town - Have students plan their own Plymouth.

5. Brochure for America - Persuade others to join you.

6. Thanksgiving Myths - Explore folklore.

7. How Big Was The Mayflower? - A fun measurement activity.

8. Google Earth-ing the Pilgrims - Take a look at the route in real time.

9. Being a Pilgrim - Was being a Pilgrim cool?

10. Traveling at Thanksgiving - Explore the travel realities of Thanksgiving.

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