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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Transition Activities for Teachers


    Easy Transitioning for Primary Grades

    From Diane Postman, a teacher in Yorktown, Virginia:

    “I taught preschool and primary grades. Here are some thoughts 
    on transitioning for those age groups: 

      1.   Have a visual schedule so transitions are expected.
      2.   Play music.
      3.   Give the children a fun way to move from place to place. It can be thematic. E.g., crawl like a spider when teaching spiders. It will make them WANT to change locations.
      4.   Be ready for the next activity so there is no waiting.
      5.   Start the activity right away. No need to wait for
            everyone to be settled. If you start, stragglers will join more quickly and the fast ones won't get ‘antsy.’
      6.   Show them that the next activity is going to be fun.  Kids transition best when engaged.”

    Transition Tactics

    From Marilyn Tomaszewski, a second grade teacher in Garden 
    City, Michigan:
    “A couple of my students have difficulty transitioning to the
    other locations within the school and difficulty when sitting
    without something for their hands to do. At a craft store, I 
    purchased the mini tote bags for only $1.99 each. They contain
    items to assist them with transitions, such as a Koosh ball 
    for sensory input, a book of photos of school locations,
    and items to keep their hands busy but quiet like a  
    Magna Doodle, a mini dry-erase board with a marker and
    an attached eraser. These bags and their contents have
    helped prevent behavior problems; helped reduce
    disruptive, self-stimulatory behavior; and,helped save
    my sanity! The inexpensive mini tote bags could be 
    used for many purposes.”

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