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Saturday, June 4, 2011

June - Real Classroom Ideas

Oh, The Places You'll Go Journal- Write a few thoughts and paste some pictures into this fun journal and give it to your students as an end of the year gift.
Leave Your Classroom Ready for September
Summer Birthday Parent Notes
Snapshots of the Year- I use this alphabet sheet and picture templates to have students brainstorm all the events we've done throughout the year.  This list can be used for a student-drawn yearbook, quilt squares or just for fun.  If you want to think ahead, you could blow this up and have it hanging in your classroom all year, allowing students to write events on it as you do them.
Wrapping Up the School Year- Letter to new students
A Summer Care Package
Last Day Poem- So awesome
Candy Bar Awards- Suggestions on what to give
End of the Year Scrapbook- From Laura Calder

Activity Sheets
End of the Year Fill-In- I give this to students about a week before school ends to fill out and turn in.  Then I pick some of the best answers to each question and combine them with pictures from the year to create our own class yearbook.  The students love to see what others have written about the year.

Summer Reading Activity Sheet- Students can write down interesting books from the classroom or school library that they didn't get a chance to read and want to read over the summer.  This can be used by students and parents on summer library runs.
Memory Book- Fantastic resource from Mrs. VanDyke
End of Year Reflection Cards- Can be tacked to a bulletin board for discussion starters.  Courtesy of Laura Candler
My Year in School- Yet another reflection packet.

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