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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Motivating Kids to Improve Their Math Skills

Motivating Kids to Improve Their Math Skills

Adults need to be motivated to give to the best of their ability, children are no different. This is the way we were created, to motivate and be motivated. It's like the engine driving the car. Kids are the same. Their engines need fuel, oil and water too. Motivation is the fuel to appreciation.

Play games

By making math interesting you can motivate your kids to enjoy math. Use the ability of games. Chess will teach them to plan strategies, to quickly calculate or divert. Making there minds sharp at reaction and quick response. All essentials to doing math. Even something like playing ball are teaching your child math skills and exercising their minds.

Real world exposure

What about trips to museums, history halls or even a field trip. A field trip can become a stepping stone to overcoming a confidence problem and motivate a kid to enjoy life. Self confidence goes a long way in the world of math. A playful and relaxed environment makes learning so much easier.

Long term memory

The use of arts can be irreplaceable. Drawing can motivate your kid to using math in a fun and innovate way. It will also develop long term memory. By repetition problems and solutions are embedded into their minds, and extracted when necessary, thus building a good long term memory.

Setting goals

Helping your child setting a goal to work towards will motivate them and help them to achieve their goal. Without vision a nation perishes. Even in something mundane like math, you need to set a goal and have a vision. Start with small steps. After achieving it move to a higher level. It will teach your kid to work towards something and they will feel inner satisfaction in doing and achieving their goals.

Surf the Internet

Allow your kid to surf the internet. There are so many websites and blogs available with math help and projects aimed specifically at developing and growing in math. Many of them have fun games and activities for kids to participate in.

Reward system

What about a wall where they can stick their achievements. A special place above the fireplace or mantle. Somewhere where they can see what they have done, and that you are proud of them. Children want to be appreciated and accepted for who they are. This will motivate them for doing it again and again.

Self study

Use history to entice them by taking a map or atlas and teaching them how to read maps, find location information or even have a look at distances or weather patterns to different continents. This way they are exposed to the world but also learning mathematical skills.


Math can be fun. Let your child take up music lessons. For instance, guitar, piano, keyboard or even drums. They will not just acquire another skill but learn math in a way that they don't even realize. Every form of music needs some math skills.


Make use of a story program. Through the use of stories kids are learning the fundamentals of math. They are enjoying the story and math becomes something sought after. Every child enjoys a good story!

Create a space for them

Give the child a place that belongs to them, where they can go and do homework in an organized way. Most kids just lie on the bed or floor and listen to music while studying. A little corner with a desk and space to put up essentials against the wall will motivate them to study.

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