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Monday, April 16, 2012

Animals, Arbor Day and Earth Day Lesson Ideas

Lesson Ideas for Animals, Arbor Day and Earth Day

1. Beach Erosion - This lesson calls attention to the smallest changes that can take place over time.
2. Planet For Sale! - You and your partner are realtors who are promoting a planet in our solar system.
3. North American Animals - This series focus on the magnificent creatures that are unique to North America.
4. Name the Animals - A lesson for little ones.
5. If You Were Any Animal - A quick fun one.
6. Duck Feet Addition - Students practice their addition skills in this activity.
7. Earth Day Creative Expression - Begin by focusing on the different things in nature.
8. Comparing Eggs - A great compare and contrast activity.
9. Animal Reading Activity - Peter Rabbit and Reddy Fox.
10. All About Pets Lesson and Worksheet Series - This wonderful series of lessons and reading comprehension worksheets helps students understand a great deal about the most common pets found in homes.
11. The Globe A Model of the Earth - Take a spin around the globe.

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