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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Graphic Organizers and Manipulatives

Home of Dinah Zike's
Foldables®, VKV's®, & Equivalency FlipsTM

Unique Graphic Organizers & Manipulatives

Dinah Zike is known for designing hands-on manipulatives that are used nationally and internationally by teachers, parents, and educational publishing companies. She is a frequent keynote speaker and continuing education consultant and presents to over 50,000 teachers and parents every year.

Her book, The Big Book of Books and Activities, won the Teacher's Choice Award for "instructional value, ease of use, quality, and innovation", and has become a teaching methods classic. Most recently, Dinah was awarded the Council for Elementary Science International's Advocate Award.

Dinah Zike is an explosion of energy and ideas. Her excitement and joy for learning inspires everyone she touches. She knows how hard it is to make each day special for children because she taught for over ten years in the public school system.


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Have you ever used foldables from Dinah or your own creation? Please share any good ideas for graphic organizers, manipulatives, or worksheet alternatives?

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