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Friday, April 30, 2010

May Events-Teacher Lessons-Resources

Teaching Tip: 13 May Events For Teachers

By: Teachnology Staff
1. May is Get Caught Reading Month
2. May is
Allergy Awareness Month
3. May is
Revise Your Work Schedule Month
4. May is
Volcanoes Month
5. May 1st is
Be Kind to Animals Week
6. May 2nd - Space Day and the start of Drinking Water Week
7. May 4th -
National Teacher Day
8. May 5th -
Cinco De Mayo
9. May 9th -
Mother's Day
10. May 15th -
Graphing Week
11. May 16th -
Weights and Measures Day
12. May 20th -
Biographer's Day
13. May 26th -
National Spelling Bee
14. May 28th -
Last Day of School In 4 States
15. May 31st -
Memorial Day

Weekly Tips for Teachers Issue 511: April 26, 2010
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